How to change the controller type in Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 Fix

Real Racing 3 Fix

Money and Gold Hack

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Automatic braking seems like a viable choice for gamers who aren’t quite experienced yet, but seasoned gamers should use the manual braking choice in due period. Either turn the braking assist choice to a lower degree or turn it off completely. Once you’re in control of your personal braking around all those tight corners, right after that you’ll begin to come away from races with lower completion periods. Your racing periods/speed will see a huge, positive difference if you do all the braking yourself. Master your braking. Don’t let the online game do all the work for you.

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[EN] Issue with loading online gamesave.
[PL] Problem z załadowaniem zapisanej gry.
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How to fix controller doesn’t want to work in Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 Fix

Real Racing 3 Fix

Money and Gold Hack

My real quick solution on how to make xbox/ps4 controller work in Real Racing 3 game.
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Jika terjadi FC pada game silahkan pilih salah satu file di bawah :

Versi 1 :

Versi 2 :

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The Real Racing 3 Hack can make the collection associated with money and gold easier for the users.

this is a fix if you like to use Bluetooth and it messes up the sound, please note that with this does not fix it to where you can use Bluetooth while you play the game, you can use headphones that plug in or use the phone talkers without that annoying choppy noise, fr a few reason when you turn on Bluetooth, the audio gets choppy, also i added a small game play, take pleasure in
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REAL RACING 3 how to fix livery that failed

Real Racing 3 Fix

Real Racing 3 Fix

Money and Gold Hack

REAL RACING 3 how to fix livery that failed

Link Download livery

2013_dodge_viper_srtgts_nfs shift2 unleashed

2013_ferrari_458italia_Monster Energy VR#46 BlancPain

2013_ferrari_458italia_SpeedHunters #9

2013_ferrari_f12_berlinetta_braille battery

2013_ferrari_laferrari_Black Santander

2013_ferrari_laferrari_DJARUM BLACK – LAFERRARI

2013_ford_mustang_shelbygt500_flying lizard blue #81



2013_hyundai_wrc_Peugeot team WRC

2013_koenigsegg_agerar_speed hunter R


2013_mclaren_mp412c_anime bikini euro informationcar #12

2013_mclaren_mp412cspider_ninja cats

2013_mercedes_sls_gt3_Polarweiss SLS AMG GT3

2014_audi_r18etronquattro_mad mike redbull

2014_chevrolet_corvette_z51_c7_C7R Race Car Konica Minolta#65

2014_chevrolet_corvette_z51_c7_Wolf HKS Corvette Z51 C7

2014_mclaren_p1_speedhunters #88

2014_mclaren_p1_yellow bee

2014_renault_sport_rs01_ELF #15

2014_renault_sport_rs01_marcvds racing team

2014_renault_sport_rs01_phanteks yomanga #08

2014_renault_sport_rs01_Razer Cybershot

2015_chevrolet_ss_nascar_hatsune miku sega

2015_chevrolet_ss_nascar_Stockcar Brazil_Full Time Sports_Allam Khodair #18


2015_ford_mustanggt_2015 Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR Vaughn Gittin Jr

2015_firemonkeys_eagle_BlancPain GT Series Liqui Moly #32

2015_firemonkeys_eagle_NONGRATA – CAYMAN

2015_koenigsegg_regera_MIUI TOKICO

2015_koenigsegg_regera_PUMA #62

2015_lamborghini_asterion_concept_GUNVOLT ANIME


2015_lamborghini_huracan_BlancPain #63

2015_lamborghini_huracan_slipknot #09

2015_mclaren_650s_gt3_Lighting McQueen #95

2015_mclaren_650s_gt3_puma #047

2015_mclaren_650s_gt3_speedhunters #88


2015_mclaren_p1_gtr_GULF #69


2015_porsche_911_rsr_Monster Energy GT3 Cup #25

2015_porsche_911_rsr_rizlab jbl

2015_toyota_camry_nascar_sumon miku #21

2016_astonmartin_vulcan_Drif Monkey

2016_astonmartin_vulcan_jdm drift #07

2016_astonmartin_vulcan_MONSTER ENERGY

2016_astonmartin_vulcan_wayne #59

2016_mercedes_amg_gt3_LUCKY STRIKE #35

Untuk livery lain nya yang lebih keren ada di

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Real Racing 3 is the top of the class when it comes to mobile racing game excellentness. Electronic Arts knows what it’s doing in the whole racing game department, so this incredible mobile racer has been blessed with EA’s magic touch.

All of the detailed, manufactured rides you want you could drive in real life are probably in this digital racer’s garage. There’s a good selection of vehicles and racing cups right here to keep your driving with regard to a very long time. Making your way around the track and filling up your garage will get up the majority of your time with RR3.

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